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The 3 key areas we work on with our clients.  ✅ Develop ✅ Maintain Grow 

1) Develop

100 % responsive layout at seebu solutions

We are expert in developing & designing amazing websites. We provide services and tools for your business for a great web presence.  We design custom designs, responsive and processional websites.

Ours websites are build using WordPress, which is the best content management system in the market as of date. Once we initially deliver the website site after designing it. The client will be able to make basic updates without having any knowledge of code.

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2) Maintenance​

If you have a website and want a web presence than its important to have website secure and maintained at all times.

Maintenance includes updating themes, plugins and WordPress version. We cannot just build the website and leave it as is. If we do not have a security and maintenance plan, its just a matter of time that the website will compromised, which would either get hacked or website becomes erroneous. This could mean lose of website content and could also hugely impact on search engine.

We can help prevent protect your website and its content from hacks by applying best practice for website security.

website maintenance at seebusolutions

3) Grow

Grow SEO services with Seebu Solutions

Isn’t it interesting when we see that there were more than millions of results found by google upon our search. Its cool how great search engine works, however it could be very challenging to get ourselves  on the top search results.

Website with a great design won’t be helpful if it is not been found on the search engine. A regular and the best SEO practice (Search engine optimization) is required to rank on google organically.

There is a lot to plan when working on SEO, which includes targeting the correct market. Website should be well-maintained with a constant flow of content so that user does not feel lost. Actionable content to make visitor a customer (BUY NOW, SIGN UP etc )

We do not guarantee that you would rank #1 on google. Instead we would work towards getting more out your website.

** SEO plans coming soon. **

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