All-In-One Packaged Web Services Solution

Based in Surrey, BC

Who We Are

Techweb operates from Surrey, BC and is focused on providing All-In-One packaged web services solution to small businesses

We started in 2014 with learning website development and designing. We didn’t even realize when it became our passion to provide businesses the services they need, to succeed in the market with continuous growth. In early 2022, we incorporated to provide more strength to our business and to offer you with advance and professional web services


We Work With Small Businesses

To kick start an online business is not easy. Initial start is even harder than you may imagine. There is a lot of efforts and commitment involved in setting up a business. YES we are ready for this and we want to go crazy with you all the way to build your business online and grow as we go.


What Makes Us Different From Other Website Design Agencies

We are simply not just a website design company. We specialize in website maintenance and server monitoring services.

Many agencies will deliver the website and leave. For us, you and your business is more important. We will provide you services to help you succeed in the online market. We are not here to make money, that is not our objective. Our objective is to work with you for long and to help you grow in the business.

Customers may neglect website maintenance. However, the website maintenance is one of the most important aspect to grow your online presence, think this way, you have to service your car regularly after every X number of kilometers, its the same way with website.


Technologies Used For Web Design and Development:



WordPress is a content management system. In the recent years, WordPress has become one of the most popular CMS across the globe. According to Wikipedia, WordPress is being used by more than 60 million websites as of April 2019.

With the increase in demand of WordPress based websites, so we switched our website platform to WordPress in 2016 . It provides great flexibility and easy to use for the end user.

Icon divi


Divi is everybody’s favorite WordPress theme. It allows to build customized and modern design of the website. Divi is ranked #1 WordPress theme on the market by isitwp.

So, this plugin became our go to tool for building websites. We love to use Divi to build most of our websites.